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Internal biases and bad habits often prevent us from seeing blind spots and reaching our full potential. Executive coaching guides clients to recognize behaviors that may be holding us back. It is easy to be coached and “coachable” when you realize it is impossible to be skilled, proficient and knowledgeable about every aspect of life and work. Coaching works because improvement and progress are identifiable and measurable, with years of scientific studies and research to back it up.

We all encounter difficult situations and individuals in our personal and professional lives. Coaching creates a trusted, confidential relationship between coach and client.  Through a process of inquiry and personal discovery the coach seeks to build client awareness and responsibility by providing accountability, support and feedback.

The certified professional coach is a valuable thought partner and confidant that assists clients in working through problems and situations that can occur at work and in life.  Often the coach is the only true non-biased and honest person available to ask questions, provide unvarnished feedback, and offer constructive advice.

Coaches partner with clients in a safe, non-judgmental setting.  This partnership takes clients through a creative, thought provoking process that inspires them to achieve their maximum personal and professional potential.  Leading companies are willing to contribute financially to long term growth and success of team members because they care deeply about top performers and want them to succeed., thereby contributing to the long-term growth and success of the business.

The first peer reviewed studies and articles began to appear in the mid 1930’s, and relied on concepts from psychology, which then attracted the interest of the American Psychological Association (APA).  More studies by PhD’s followed and the research clearly demonstrates the positive, measurable benefits of coaching. Coaching clients showed improved performance, greater sense of well-being, increased coping skills, goal setting ability and self -regulation.  Virtually every top company in American business utilizes the skill, experience and knowledge of trained professional coaches.

Posing powerful questions may expand new and different ways of thinking about a problem and how to solve it.  Challenging current ways of thinking and values systems can expose ineffective attitudes and behaviors that hold us back.  The coach may share thoughts, feelings and possible solutions by using metaphor, mirrors and analogy.  A good coach will never impose their solutions or personal opinions on the client.

Closing each session in a professional caring way is essential.  Developing an action plan, outlining next steps and scheduling the next coaching appointment are common practices.  Homework and practice techniques may be assigned.  The coach may check in between coaching sessions to inquire about progress and obstacles.

The coach commits to making every appointment and to advocate on behalf of the client.  In many relationship’s coaches are the only reliable, honest source of feedback the client will have.  The coach agrees to prepare for each session, be fully present during the session, while demonstrating empathy, energy and commitment.  Active listening is essential.

Executive coaching is founded on the International Coaching Federation Core Competencies and Coaching Markers.  Coaches are expected to maintain high standards of ethical behavior and confidentiality, while demonstrating competence in 8 key areas.  Training is monitored by master certified coaches and doctoral level instructors. Sessions are designed to produce measurable goals and reasonable deadlines.  The coach strives to build trust and rapport in support of, and with respect for, each client by listening, demonstrating understanding, and expressing curiosity.

Since the health crisis many companies are struggling to find their footing in a Covid-19 world.  The ability to pivot to a different business model, quickly, may mean the difference between survival and failure. Some companies and business models are thriving while others are on the verge of bankruptcy. Thought leaders and decision makers can benefit greatly from coaching to communicate new direction for the business.

Keeping top talent is essential, and many high performers consider coaching to be a benefit and a compliment.  Remedial talent can often be coached to higher performance, especially in the area of emotional intelligence.  Teachers can learn to offer more effective online courses, managers more clearly convey new company and career opportunities, initiatives and values, while sales and marketing professionals explore new business channels and markets.

Assessments can be a powerful tool in the areas of personality type, strength identification and Emotional IQ.  Clifton Strength Finders helps identify our best assets. Questionnaires can be useful in determining the direction of a coaching relationship.  Client agreements help define the goals of coaching engagement, opportunities for growth, obstacles and impediments to progress, and specific actions steps for improvement.

Both professions require strong listening skills and knowing the language of business.  In coaching the client ultimately arrives at the solution and future course of action under skillful guidance by the coach.  Advice may be offered only after the coaching client exhausts all internal possibilities and options. 

Our brains react positively to self-discovery and problem solving versus being told what to do.  Finding the exact puzzle piece for size, color and shape in life’s bigger image is very rewarding. What a thrill then for a coach that contributes to formation of happier workers – problem solvers, service focused, with greater productivity and satisfaction in work and life!

Executive coach cost could differ. Mark Daly charges $350 per hour of coaching. 10 hour minimum $3500 payable in advance with money-back guarantee, renewable monthly.